Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

Elite hotels and cruise ships had the first wall mount dryers. Besides hotels and cruise ships, spas and health clubs carry these dryers. Are there even wall mount dryers available for home use?

Although the selection is limited, there are some hotel hair dryers designed for residential use. Andis, Sunbeam/Oster, and Conair are the top brands in this category. These dryers are characterized by their compact size. Even though they’re small they are solid, near salon quality blow dryers. These dryers are mid-range meaning they are 1400-1600 watts. Most have built in night lights or night lights are optional. Because they were originally designed for hotel and cruise ship use, these hand helds are generally not as noisy as full sized blow dryers.

One of the best wall mounted hair dryer offerings include several conveniences. It seems the logical choice for hotel and cruise ship use where space is a premium. These dryers are usually mounted in the bathroom and come shockproof. The GBC protection is a plus if you prep frequently in the bathroom.

There’s only one drawback for these blow dryers. They lack the latest technology innovations common in full size blow dryers. An examination of wall mounted hair dryer reviews revealed none with ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline features. You have to go to a commercial wall mount to find those technologies. These small hand-helds are electrical. As a result, there’s the risk of heat damage to hair from extended use.

How do you choose the best wall mounted hair dryer? While contemporary features like ionic technology is yet to come to wall mount dryers, the selections are still good. To help in your choosing of this type of dryer, start with a little research at consumer sites and online retailers. These sites show the latest models available. While on the sites, examine wall mount hair dryer reviews to get an idea of dryer performance. Most of the wall mounts reviewed enjoy favorable ratings. This group’s price point ranges from $25-60. As with all dryer purchases, consider your lifestyle and hair needs. Below are the top 3 wall mounted hair dryers of .

#1 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer - Sunbeam Wall Mount Hairdryer With Tourmaline

Sunbeam's wall mounted hair dryer with tourmaline is an excellent mid range hair dryer. It is not extremely fancy and does not have as many special features as many of the high end hair dryers do, but for about $50, this hair dryer is fantastic! It comes with an easy to install wall or counter mount, has automatic shut off when put in its holder, two speed and two temperature settings and has a nightlight. This excellent hair dryer is not just a space saver, it is also an energy saver. It offers both 1200 and 1500 watt settings; the 1200 watt setting uses 19% less energy than the 1500 watt does. In addition, it has tourmaline in it; tourmaline helps to naturally make hair more shiny and helps it dry quicker. It retails for about $40-$50.

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#2 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer - Oster Professional 76932-710 Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Perfect for home, salon, spa or hotel use, the Oster Professional 76932-710 offers convenience and power. It comes with a wall or counter mount that the dryer magnetically secures to when not in use. To make it even more convenient, it shuts off automatically when placed on its holder. It also have a six foot long curl cord. This excellent hair dryer has 1500 watts of power, two heat settings, and a removable filter screen for easy cleaning. The Oster Professional is not the most advanced or fanciest hair dryer on the market today, but for only about $30 it is an amazing deal. This is a sturdy no nonsense hair dryer, built to last and make life a little less crowded.

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#3 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer - Conair Wall Mount Hair Dryer with LED Nightlight

Conair makes blow drying your hair easy with their 1600 Watt Wall Mount hair dryer. This wonderful compact dryer comes with a handy wall mount and is powerful enough to dry hair quickly. It is so simple to use, simply take it out of its wall mount, dry hair, and it shuts off automatically when you place it back in the holder! No more digging through bathroom drawers or cupboards to find your hair dryer. No more bulky hair dryer taking up space on your already overcrowded counter top. It comes with six feet of coiled electrical cord, a removable filter for easy cleaning and has two temperature and speed settings. It also comes with a limited year warranty, has a handy LED nightlight, and is UL listed. This reliable hair dryer makes getting ready for your day faster and easier with minimal fuss. In addition, this excellent hairdryer is affordable, retailing for only $25-$40.

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Choosing a wall mount dryer is straight forward. Although choices are limited, you can find a solid performing wall mount. These powerful dryers come in 1400-1600 watts. Its wall mount feature means you can install one in a location that best fits your needs and requirements. Most are grounded to prevent against shocks. A nice feature of this class is their low noise level. All are small, compact powerhouses that can handle all hair types. The only drawback is the lack of the contemporary innovations found in most blow dryers. Innovations like the ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline technologies are absent from home-use wall mounts. As you ponder different options, keep in mind your lifestyle and hair type. Review owner comments at the major consumer sites to judge performance. Then, you’ll be able to decide what is the best wall mounted hair dryer for your specific needs and requirements.

For your reference, below you can find 2013's best rated wall mount hair dryers.

#1 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer - Oster Professional 76932-710 Wall Mount Hair Dryer

This wall mount is an able model for most potential buyers. With 1500 watts for power, it can handle all hair types. Its convenient wall mounting hardware makes it a snap to install anywhere. The Oster features two power settings and an easy to clean, removable filter. A handy element for this dryer is that it runs with limited noise,making it great for early morning styling. Similar to other dryers in this group, it’s an electrical dryer. A safety aspect for this model is its automatic shut off when it is put back into its cradle. Ratings for the model start at 4 stars or better in wall mount hair dryer reviews.

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