Travel Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

If you need to blow dry your hair while traveling, you may want to look into purchasing a travel dryer. The best travel hair dryer will be lightweight, small-sized and priced for any budget. Below you will find several travel hair dryer reviews.

Again, the best feature of portable hair dryers is their light weight. Now, even with portability, a travel dryer doesn’t have to lack power. There are some models in the category that pack the power of a professional quality dryer. This means that you can get salon-quality in a small package. Salon quality means the dryer can handle very long hair or very thick hair. Travel dryers employ the newest dryer technologies including ionic, ceramic and tourmaline. Getting a travel hair dryer employing any one of these new technologies will go a long way in reducing heat damage.

Besides being travel sized, you may want a dryer that can handle overseas travel. Whether on an overseas business trip or a cruise to an exotic destination, having a dryer that can work in foreign countries is a plus.

The available selection is a downside of this category. If you need a battery operated hair dryer or a battery powered hair dryer you will, unfortunately, have very few options.

Dual Voltage Dryers

Dual voltage dryers are a special sub-group in this category. These dryers work overseas and have built in dual voltage functionality to handle the current differences of foreign countries. This type of dryer eliminates the need to purchase a separate voltage converter for the hair dryer. These converters can run up to $100 depending on how simple or advanced the converter kit is. In addition to converter costs, you will also need to purchase an adapter. On to our travel hair dryer reviews:

#1 Travel Hair Dryer - BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

This model is a favorite of travelers. At 1000 watts, the dryer also folds and is perfect for a small overnight bag. In addition to being compact, this model is a tourmaline dryer. Tourmaline is a gemstone that emits more ions than a standard ionic dryer. For consumers, this means there’s less heat damage while the ionic and infrared technology means faster drying. Overseas and international cruise trekkers will love the fact that this BaByliss has built in dual voltage. It’s convenient plus you won’t have the added expense of buying an additional or multiple adapters.

BaBylissPRO TT Full Review

#2 Travel Hair Dryer - Andis 33805 Micro Turbo 1600W Dual Voltage

The Andis 33805 sports dual voltage. It’s the second best dual voltage hair dryer on the market, behind the BaByliss. Like its competitor above, it has professional quality features. First it’s powerful for a travel dryer coming in at 1600 watts. It’s also known for its quietness. And, you will enjoy the fact that the Andis Micro protects against shock. Unlike its BaByliss competitor, it only has 2 heat settings. Still, 33805 owners love this dryer. It is the smallest travel hair dryer in its class. Owners generally rated the Andis 4+ stars out of 5 in their reviews.

Andis 33805 Full Review

Our travel hair dryer reviews rate the travel dryer as useful and appropriate if used for its purpose. When perusing the myriad of travel hair dryer choices, choose a mini hair dryer based on drying speed and wattage. Also, if you do a lot overseas travel, you’ll want a dryer that has dual voltage. A dual voltage dryer means fewer converters needed during their trip. Finally, your final choice in determining the best travel hair dryer to suit your needs depends on your lifestyle needs and hair condition.