Tourmaline Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

Tourmaline is a popular option in blow dryers. Are these hand-helds good for your hair? And, what’s the best tourmaline hair dryer according to consumer and professional reviews. We'll show you which dryers we recommend in this category.

First, we'll give you an explanation of tourmaline dryers.This type of dryer uses an ionic system to dry the hair. Ionic? What this system does is reduce drying time by emitting ions. As in traditional ionic dryers, the ions break down water droplets. The ions dry hair by sealing the water to hair strands by reducing water droplets. And, the emissions dry the hair with less heat than traditional dryers.

Tourmaline blow dryers go one step further. They use tourmaline, a gemstone. It generates a higher level of ions. As a result, the hair dries faster. The results speak for themselves - you get hair that looks smoother and sleeker. Also, this translates to less heat damage and healthier hair.

As with all dryers, you’ll need to consider your lifestyle and usage needs when buying a tourmaline dryer. If you lead a highly active lifestyle or dry your hair more than once in a day, a tourmaline dryer may be for you. Hair types are another consideration. If your hair is fine or thin, an economy tourmaline may be an option. But, if your hair is very long or very thick, then you may need to opt for a professional quality tourmaline. Manufacturers design professional tourmaline dryers to handle frequent use and to use higher wattage to dry hair.

Below are two brands with high marks in this category. They will provide solid performance for your needs.

#1 Tourmaline Hair Dryer - BaByliss Pro TT Tourmaline 3000 Natural Ionic Dryer

Appearing very favorable in owner ratings is the BaByliss Pro Tourmaline 3000 Natural Ionic Dryer. Like others in its class, it dries hair from within. It has the features you expect—variable speeds, variable heat settings, and tourmaline technology. But the 3000 does have some elements that set it apart from other tourmalines. It includes a removable filter for cleaning ease. It is also very light in weight. And, like others in its class, it has a rather quiet operation. Again, the brand enjoys good ratings, usually 4 stars or higher.  When it gets complaints, it’s about button placement.

BaByliss Pro TT Full Review

#2 Tourmaline Hair Dryer - Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer

The second best rated dryer in this category is the Rusk Speed Freak. Noted as the best tourmaline hair dryer on some beauty sites, the Rusk has solid features. As the name implies, it’s fast. A salon-quality dryer, it combines ceramics and tourmaline technology, the best of both worlds. The model uses ceramics for heat drying along with ion emissions. As a professional-quality dryer, it’s powerful at 2000 watts. This is a plus in comparison to its competitors. Like the BaByliss 3000, it has a removable filter. Being shockproof sets the Speed Freak apart in its category. And, it has seven heat and speed settings.

Rusk Speed Freak Full Review

You’ll find that our tourmaline hair dryer reviews suggest tourmalines are one of the best types of blow dryers. Many other online beauty sites also recommend this type of dryer over other comparable options. Reviews show them as leaving hair shiny, smooth and frizz free. And, tourmaline dryers seem healthy for the hair. And, the most appealing factor is that it dries with minimal heat. The tourmalines seem suitable for very active, on the go users. So, if you wash your hair more than once in a day, a tourmaline dryer may be the perfect option.