Quiet Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

A quiet hair dryer? Is there even such a thing? The answer is yes and no. There are no dryers that operate without noise. But, there are some dryers that run more quietly than others. With that in mind how do you determine what is the best quiet hair dryer?

First, keep in mind how blow dryers operate. A hair dryer pulls air into its machinery via a motor then blows it out. That part of the process makes it nearly impossible to have a completely noiseless hand-held. The next best option is to find a blow dryer producing the lowest noise level.

So the question is, “Which blow dryer is the quietest?” It appears that the quiet feature is a reflection of the dryers’ technology. Most salon bonnet dryers run quietly in comparison to blow dryers. That could be a factor of how long they’ve been around. By extension, home-use bonnets should run more quietly than hand-held dryers as well.

Of the dryer technologies available, ionic-based produce the least noise. The process of emitting ionic particles to dry hair results in reduced noise. You won’t sacrifice performance with these dryers. A quiet dryer operates as effectively as its standard ionic cousins. Like their cousins, quiet dryers condition hair as it dries. They also impart shine and leave hair healthy. One noticeable difference with this category is their light weight. The light weight may also contribute to this class’ low noise levels.

Quiet blow dryers are usually mid-range models in the 1400 watt to 1600 watt range. The models below are the best in this class according to our survey.

#1 Quiet Hair Dryer - Bio Ionic Conditioning Dryer Whisper Light Model No. BI-3114

With five times more natural negative ions than most other hair dryers offer, the Bio Ionic Whisper Light helps to seal hair cuticles, locking in moisture and increasing hair shine and volume. This excellent hair dryer is great for all hair types, but is especially good for those with fine fly away frizzy hair. It has 1400 watts of power, three heat settings and two speed settings, plus a cool shot feature for setting styles in place. It is wonderfully quiet and lightweight, and has dual removable filters for easy cleaning. The Bio Ionic Whisper Light hair dryer is professional quality and excellent for use at home or in a salon. It retails for around $100 and comes with a five year warranty.

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#2 Quiet Hair Dryer - Centrix Q Zone Quiet Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

Professional quality, powerful and healthy for hair, the Centrix Q Zone Quiet is excellent for home and salon use. This powerful hair dryer has a two speed high performance motor and 1500 watts of power. It dries hair quickly and uses ion infused air that locks in moisture giving hair more volume, shine and making it more manageable. This excellent hair dryer is perfect for those who struggle with flyway frizzy hair. It comes with a cold shot feature, heavy duty power cord, concentrator nozzle, and multiple temperature and speed settings. It is designed for comfortable use by both right handed and left handed people. It is lightweight and easy to use. The premiere feature of this superb hair dryer is how amazingly quiet it is; however, being quiet is only one of many things that it does fantastically. The Centrix Q Zone Quiet is a fantastic hair dryer, well worth the approximately $100 price tag.

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So, there are blow dryers specifically designed to run with reduced noise. Most of these dryers are ionic hair dryers. Many tend to be light in weight as well. Comments in quiet hair dryer reviews indicate that owners have not sacrificed quality for the extra quiet. The same benefits, drying with minimal heat damage, conditioning and shine all ring true of quiet hand-helds. So, when deciding which quiet hair dryer to buy select a model that fits your specific lifestyle and hair needs. Keep in mind, no dryer can be absolutely noiseless. Taking time to review online sites and owner commentaries will go a long way in helping you find the best quiet hair dryer that fits your needs the best.

For your reference, below you can find 2013's best rated quiet hair dryers.

#1 - Centrix Q Zone Quiet Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

For this hair dryer group, The Centrix Q Zone runs very quietly. Potential buyers will be interested in its low noise level. It’s a mid-range model touting 1500 watts, 2 speeds, and a cool shot setting. The Centrix Q Zone has dual cool shot positions (front and back of handle). In addition to these factors, the Q Zone is a combination dryer employing tourmaline, ceramic and ionic elements. These features produce even heating, condition the hair by sealing in moisture, and boost shine. It is simply the best rated quiet hair dryer currently available.

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#2 - Bio-Ionic IDry Whisper Light Conditioning Hair Dryer

Also in this category, the Bio-Ionic IDry Whisper Light dryer enjoys top ratings in quiet hair dryer reviews. It is one of the top models in its class.  Customers will be surprised at the Whisper Light’s light weight coming in at a little over one pound. Similar to other products by this company, the Whisper Light has Nano-Ionicâ„¢ Hybrid Mineral Technology. This technology produces natural ionic emissions to quickly dry and condition the hair. As an ionic blow dryer, users get drying with a minimal risk of heat damage. Additional positives for this model include removable filters, adjustable speeds, adjustable heat settings, and a styling nozzle.

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