Professional Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

The best blow dryer your customers can buy is a salon hair dryer. These are the top of the line in hand held dryers. This class offers power and is built to take heavy usage. Professional hair dryers are salon quality styling tools suitable for home use. After bonnet dryers, they are the workhorses of the hair styling industry. Professional stylists can advise their clients on blow dryer brands based on their experience and results with the product.

These hair dryers are higher wattage. Most hand-helds in this class start at 1500 watts or higher. Another “feature” to take note of is price. Make customers aware that they can expect to pay $100 or more for the best professional hair dryer compared to the typical drug store model. Also, with the extra power, these hand-helds have the reputation of drying hair faster. Professional dryers are ionic, tourmaline, ceramic and/or a combination of these technologies. Most dryers in this category have variable speeds and temperature settings. Clients have the benefit of power and performance with this dryer type.

There are few complaints in this category. When a professional hair dryer does get a complaint it is for price. And, as was mentioned before, they can be expensive. Another complaint is weight. Usually a professional hair dryer has a more powerful motor to give more styling muscle. This feature translates to a somewhat heavier blow dryer. And, for some home stylists, it will take getting used to. Overall, this category receives mostly good reviews. There are two professional hair dryer brands that bear a closer look. They are:

#1 Professional Hair Dryer - BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer

This model is one of the top professional hair dryers. For clients, it means having one of the best rated dryers in the category. Additionally, customers are getting one of the top brands in the industry. Like others in its class, the BaByliss PRO Nano handles heavy use and has tons of wattage at 2000 watts. Its Italian AC motor is well-matched for drying very thick hair or very long hair. What sets it apart? In a word, performance. This hand-held leaves hair shiny, smooth, straight and frizz free. It employs ionic components. The ionic system translates to less heat damage. Therefore, the PRO Nano leaves customers’ hair healthy and conditioned. The BaByliss PRO enjoys nothing but excellent reviews.

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#2 Professional Hair Dryer - Super Solano Professional Hair Dryer

Solano has long been a professional stylist favorite. Also a top brand, the Super Solano is a strong choice and one of the best professional hair dryers on the market. This model has grown in popularity with home users. Solano ranks number two in the category. Both professional and home stylists comment favorably on the model’s ease of handling and its results. Professionals recommend it to clients for two reasons. First, the Super Solano has nano technology. This means the technology is anti-bacterial. Second, the Super Solano combines ionic and tourmaline technologies. The ionic tourmaline system minimizes static and conditions the hair. Finally, the hand-held’s five temperature settings include a cool shot mode. This feature lets the Solano set as well as straighten hair.

The best professional hair dryer is powerful and dries hair quickly. These effective hand-held dryers also come in ionic and tourmaline technologies or a combination of the two. These dryers are known for their variable speed control and temperature settings. You can use our professional hair dryer reviews and well established hair care experience to help customers make their decision. For clients who are very active or use a dryer more than once in a day, a professional blow dryer may be their best option.

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