Ceramic Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

Blow dryers have evolved over the years. Traditional blow dryers drew in air from their surroundings. Then dryers passed air over electrically heated coils and blew that air on hair. No one argued that it made hair styling faster and more convenient. It’s a tool at the heart of the hair care industry. Finding the best ceramic hair dryer is not a daunting task. Nor is it a challenge for use to advise you in choosing a good ceramic dryer.

One of the advances for this type of hair dryer is the addition of ceramics. Still, these are heat-based electric blow dryers. The difference with ceramic dryers is that they have ceramic heating coils or have coils that are ceramic coated. So, what can ceramic hair dryers do for you? Ceramic components make for a more efficient dryer. They offer self-regulating, uniform heating. And the results are smoother hair with more body.

Some ceramic hand-helds combine ionic or tourmaline features in their makeup. This means you will have a good method for reducing heat damage when blow drying your hair, especially if the dryer has a switch for the ionic function. Also, you will have the option of choosing an economy or a professional-quality dryer. Keep in mind, your blow dryer choices should cover the basics: 1200-1500 watts, have variable speed and temperature settings, and be able to handle different hair types and conditions.

#1 Ceramic Hair Dryer - BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000 Watt Dryer

BaByliss is a popular and reliable brand. The company has several dryers on the market. The BABP2800 is a salon-quality blow dryer. At 2000 watts, it can handle thick, thin, wavy, long or fine hair with ease. With 6 heat and speed settings, it provides a lot of style control. In addition to power, the BABP2800 incorporates ionic technology. Using ionic emissions reduces frizz and heat damage while conditioning the hair. This option, favoring home users concerned with the drying effects of traditional dryers, is an alternative that makes sense. It has nice positives including a removable filter and an extended life, AC motor.

BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Full Review

#2 Ceramic Hair Dryer - Andis 1875 Watt Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

This dryer packs a lot features into a small size. You're sure to love its features. It’s actually a travel dryer with professional-level qualities. First, this hand-held combines ceramics with an ionic system. This means it can self-regulate its heat and thereby reduce heat damage. Also, if you have thick or long hair, this model can dry it with ease. A notable feature for the Andis 1875 is that it is a travel dryer with a folding handle. It fits compactly in small spaces. Along with a 5 year warranty, the Andis 1875 enjoys favorable reviews. The 1875’s only drawback is not being dual voltage. So, if you're not traveling overseas, this hand-held is a viable option.

Andis 1875 Full Review

Choosing a ceramic is dependent on your daily routine and your hair needs. A ceramic hand‑held is still a traditional blow dryer. Consideration needs to be given as to how much heat your hair can bear. If heat is a concern, then you should take a look at blow dryers with the latest technology advances. These dryers combine ceramics with ionic or tourmaline technology. Throughout the buying process keep in mind your lifestyle, hair condition, and product reviews. Finally, take into account your own hair care experience - this will go a long way in helping you choose the best ceramic hair dryer for your needs.