Bonnet Hair Dryer Reviews | Buying Guide

The bonnet dryer is the workhorse of the beauty salon. From the most traditional to the most contemporary salon, it is the vision of beauty care. The bonnet hair dryer is an indispensable salon feature. Such dryers are also available for home use. Choosing an appropriate dryer of this type depends on your needs. With this type of hair dryer, you can get that pampered, salon experience with little effort.

A hooded hair dryer may not have the popularity of old, but these dryers remain very effective and useful. There are no other means for roller setting and deep conditioning. And, bonnet dryers have kept pace with dryer innovations. Bonnet dryers have the same technologies found in blow dryers. They have ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline components in their makeup. You won’t have to sacrifice your hair to heat damage when using this type of dryer.

Like their hand-held cousins, bonnet dryers have the latest technologies. With a ceramic system, they evenly heat and dry the hair. With tourmaline incorporated into its components, bonnets can produce ionic emissions that compete with the best tourmaline blow dryers. Also, bonnets come in rolling stands or tabletop versions and they can be hidden in a closet or cabinet.

A question for some potential buyers is where to find bonnets. They can be ordered readily online but you can also find them at the likes of Walgreens and Sears Outlet stores. Keep in mind to use the same guidelines as you would in purchasing a blow dryer. Think about your specific needs, lifestyle, and the condition of your hair. Below are the top bonnet dryers.

#1 Bonnet Hair Dryer - Babyliss Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat Dryer

This BaByliss is a stand mounted roller hair dryer. The BaByliss Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat Dryer can occupy a quiet corner or an out of the way closet. It packs the power of a low to mid-range blow dryer with an output of 1600 watts. Besides being easy to move about, it’s easy to adjust the bonnet’s height. Another plus for this model is it includes ionic technology and a diffuser. You'll find this model offers even heating and drying with the conditioning benefits of ionics. Similar to its blow dryer counterparts, the BaByliss offers 3 heat settings. The model is at the top of our list of bonnet hair dryer reviews.

Babyliss Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat Dryer Full Review

#2 Bonnet Hair Dryer - Tourmaline Tools 1059

When salon customers sit under a Tourmaline Tools 1059, they’re reminded of a spa visit. The hard hat hair dryer hydrates the hair with its pre-moisture system. It uses tourmaline and ionic technologies. Its output compares favorably with high end blow dryers. As a result, you'll benefit from 1875 watts, two speeds, and four heat settings. Like other ionic tourmaline dryers, it seals moisture into the hair, reduces frizz and gives hair shine. Other plusses with this model are high airflow and it reduces hair odors and impurities. With its many features, it’s easy to understand its popular ratings in bonnet hair dryer reviews. It is a strong home use recommendation.

Tourmaline Tools 1059 Full Review

So, bonnet hair dryers remain popular and successful. Even though blow dryers are prominent in home use, bonnets still have a place. They use the latest innovations—ionics, ceramics, tourmaline—to hold their own with the best of the blow dryer counterparts. If you're a hair care professional looking for a bonnet hair dryer to recommend to your customers we have the following advice: when advising clients on which model to buy, use the same guidelines as you would in recommending a blow dryer. Educate customers on the technologies available. Remember to include customer lifestyle and hair needs in the conversation. Then, you and your client can check out the beauty sites or local stores. After a little effort and your guidance, your client will find the best bonnet hair dryer for their needs.